THE 2021 guide for practice

Hydronic balancing in 5 steps

Dear readers,

Here you can find my new 2021 guideline for hydronic balancing in existing heating systems. Applicable to all water-based systems and regional specifications - because the physics is the same everywhere ;-)

No rulebook with 100 pages, no reading book, no technical jargon: factual, logical and understandable! Basically, it is only 2 pages or tables that describe the logical procedure for optimising millions of existing residential buildings. That's all you need!

The 5 essential building blocks:   

  • The room-by-room heating load calculation   
  • The zoning in consumer units   
  • The type of transformer surface   
  • The function and the process   
  • The quality of the replanning

Suggestions, wishes, comments? Send me an e-mail to: and the keyword "guideline 2021" Do you still need the tools for calculation? - sorry, at the moment only in german language